“Our fantastic supply chain partners have been exceptionally receptive to our drive for increased diversity. This has resulted in exciting new partnerships and provided new opportunities for both ourselves and our clients. Over the coming year, we plan to strengthen the relationships with our supply chain even further and to work with our partners to provide exciting improvements and innovation in the ESG space.”  Kevin Lynn, President & Chair of the GWS EMEA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee

At CBRE, we believe in fostering a culture of innovation that encourages practices contributing to a sustainable future. 

Through collaboration with our Supplier Partners, we strive to incorporate environmental, social and governance principles into our operations and are dedicated to encompassing practices that benefit not just our clients, but also people, communities and our planet. Our ambition is to ensure carbon neutrality, promote solutions that support the delivery of CBRE and our clients ESG goals and recognise the importance of a diverse and socially impactful supply chain.

Join us as we continue to navigate this journey of positive change and growth, enhancing our collective impact on the world we live in.

Here are some of the initiatives we are incorporating into this years event to support our ESG ambitions:

Carbon Neutrality

We continue to deliver a carbon neutral event. We will be requesting travel information for all attendees. Last year we planted over 130 trees in addition to offsetting 27tCO2e, and we are committing to doing the same this year, ensuring we are leaving a lasting positive impact. 

Single Use Plastic and Paper Reduction

We are encouraging all suppliers to closely consider the environmental and social impact of their exhibition stand and any additional materials and equipment they choose to bring. 

Diverse Supply Chain

We’re transforming our procurement practices to ensure more of our billion-pound budget is used to drive economic growth and impact in underrepresented communities in the UK. We’re also using our position in the market to build awareness of the importance and benefits of an inclusive supply chain in the wider B2B environment. A number of our diverse suppliers will be showcasing their businesses at our event this year.

Social Enterprise

As a founding member of the Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social Corporate Challenge, we are committed to working with Social Enterprises that invest their profits in environmental and social missions. A number of our Social Enterprise partners are supporting us in delivering this event.

Food & Drink

We are working with our catering partner to ensure the food and drink offered throughout the event is low carbon and locally sourced wherever possible, including more plant based options and served on recyclable products.